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SVPCA 2021 -
The Symposium of Vertebrate Palaeontology and Comparative Anatomy has been held in the UK, France or Ireland every year since 1953.
It is open to anyone with an interest in vertebrate palaeontology or comparative anatomy and has carried on from year to year because of the willingness of members of the community to volunteer to host meetings.
Steering Group
Because of the changing nature of academia, it was decided in 2015 that a minimal level of organisational structure was needed to maintain the continuity and scientific merit of the meeting in future years. Following an election involving delegates who have attended over the past five years, a steering group of eight people was set up. This consists of three non-elected and five elected members.
Elected by ballot of delegates from five previous years
Emma Randle
Emma Dunne
Non-professional community
Nigel Larkin
Emma Nicholls
Organisers from previous, current and next years
Isle of Wight 2019
Dave Martill
Natural History Museum 2020
Susie Maidment
Additional roles
Jeff Liston
Richard Forrest
Previous Years
Details of previous years can be found here. This site was set up for the 2000 symposium in Portsmouth in 2000. I have collected material from previous years, going back as far as 1960. I'd like like to add more so that this site becomes an archive for previous years as well as giving information on future symposia.
Email List
This site maintains an email list used for mailcasting to the wider palaeontological community details of the meeting. If you want to be included on the list, click on the 'Email List' link on the menu bar above. Your email address will only be used for matters connected to the meeting or of interest to the community in general, and never be used for marketting purposes.
Social Media
Over recent years, organisers have created Facebook pages for meetings which have proved to be valuable in communicating with delegates and potential delegates.